Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

1. A delicious home cooked Sunday brunch of scrambled eggs and vegetable fry-up, enjoyed on our sunny verandah.
2. "Brunch dessert" - coffee and date loaf.
3. Taken from the car on our way to Ikea this morning. Such a glorious Autumn day in Sydney!
4. I broke my coffee fast with one of Ben's special cappuccinos. Special because it involves mixing two cheap instant coffee blends together that somehow ended up tasting amazing once combined.
5. With two of my oldest and dearest gal pals who came over for dinner last night. We shared a hearty soup, many laughs, memories and a sneaky kitchen dance party while doing the dishes. Such a perfect night!
6. Sneaky kitchen selfie in my new-to-me jumper from the 80s. Courtesy of my friend Nikki who came for dinner last night. After dinner we had a spontaneous clothes swap party and I managed to get rid of a few things I'd tried to sell on eBay with no luck and Nikki brought in a bag of unwanted clothes that were destined for Vinnies. Stoked with my score - this jumper is rad.
7. Good news! Guzmez Y Gomez is opening 20 minutes from home!
8. Burger party with Mum, Dad and Ben at Grill'd.
9. Love these rustic lights at Grill'd.

I have had a 10/10 weekend. Mum and Dad were in town for one night and as usual it was great to have them here. I got to have a well overdue catch up with two wonderful friends, eat a lot of good food (pretty standard for me, let's be honest) and am spending my Sunday arvo curled up on the couch after a nice long phone call with another lovely friend. Two busy weeks at work to go and then I'm outta here! Getting incredibly excited. xoxo


  1. You look cute in your 80s jumper! Your brunch looks yummy, sounds like you had an amazing weekend!


    1. Thanks! It's the cosiest jumper ever. I did have a lovely weekend and hope you did too x


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