Thursday, April 4, 2013

Awkward Family Photos (Not!)

Just some friendly siblings hanging out with nature, yo. Here's two of the pics we got taken to give to my Mum for her 50th birthday this week. Not gonna lie, was a little worried we'd end up with some awkward family photos but I think they turned out pretty well (apart from my arm pop - the photographer made me do it I swear!). It even looks like we love each other a little bit!

The experience was actually kind of traumatic for me, not because I don't like getting my photo taken but because there were BEES. As soon as we started taking the photos at the location of the first pic, we were swarmed by bees. I happen to be allergic to them and they just wouldn't quit it! Cue me freaking out, breaking out in a sweat and becoming super agitated and jumpy for the rest of the shoot. Was actually wondering whether it was my dress that was attracting them? Is that scientifically possible?

We also got some individual shots but I'll spare you the extreme close up of my face - I'm saving that one for LinkedIn!

Photos by Xanthe Roxburgh.


  1. Cool photos, love how you are Sophie match! And I think bright colours actually do attract bees!


    1. Haha, I didn't even realise we matched. Funny cause Soph put that dress on at the last minute! Yeah, I think you might be right. Although it was funny that I had flowers on my dress and so did the photographer and her and I were the only ones being targeted by the bees!


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