Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend in Forster

I spent a glorious few days in Forster on the weekend, visiting my best friend Jess. I left work early on Friday to tackle the four hour drive and made it in time for a scrumptious dinner of pizzas, fries and wine at a cafe just five minutes from Jess' apartment. In fact, everything is about five minutes from her apartment, which is always such a welcome treat for this Sydney-sider. I definitely needed to slow down a little so this was the perfect solution. Jess and I don't get to see each other very often these days, so these rare opportunities are always met with great excitement, endless chatter and laughs.

On Saturday morning, Jess, her boyfriend Drew and I headed back to the same cafe for breakfast. In fact, we ended up eating four meals there throughout the weekend. It could be seen that there aren't many options, but this little place is perfect in my books. Good coffee, good food, cute decor and plenty of sunny spots to sit.

Following breakfast we headed to the Annual Forster Book Fair! We spent a good hour or so browsing the rows and rows of second hand books. I ended up coming away with a huge stack of old classics for $27. I think I got about 10 books all up!

Around lunch time, we drove out to Pacific Palms to a quiet little (nudist) beach. It was such a glorious day and I loved the chance to get outdoors and exercise a little - something I definitely don't do enough of here in Sydney. After our stroll along the beach and adventures in Instavideography, we headed to the local shops for a coffee.

Upon our return to Forster, we took Jess' new bike out for a spin down by the water. We took turns riding and running and I even had my own little personal trainer trying to whip my butt into shape (if there's one thing best friends are good for it's telling you to keep running even when you're clearly dying).
While we were out we got a call from another friend who happened to be in Forster for the night! We did a quick rally of the troops and ended up having a little shin dig back at Jess' place that night. I got to meet one of her good Forster friends and also catch up with a few others from our Newcastle days. Before long, we were in the midst of a competitive game of 'Substitute', as per the TV show 'Spicks and Specks'. If you're not familiar, this basically involves picking a song and then substituting the lyrics for a passage in a random book. It's actually quite tricky, but super fun! Next on the cards was 'Articulate', which we somehow always end up playing in Forster. Jess got super into the game and practically forced me to keep playing one-on-one, long after all the other guests had departed. Who am I kidding, I was nailing it and could have kept playing until 3am if I wasn't so tired (note: we did play it by ourselves until 2am haha).
On Sunday morning we headed back to the cafe for round two breakfast and coffee with yet another Newcastle friend who was visiting for the day. Added bonus! Annnnd we ended up staying there for lunch, too! Best paying customers that weekend, that's for sure. It was so lovely to just sit and chat for hours on end! Before long the day was growing shorter and it was time for me to journey back to the big smoke. I'm so glad I decided to make the trip - it was a perfect weekend.

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  1. Looks so lovely! Random catchups with friends are the best! Looks like your having lovely weather over there.



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