Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On Gratitude

Just popping in to share this wonderful short Ted talk I was lucky enough to stumble upon thanks to one of my friends sharing it on Facebook yesterday - 'How a penny made me feel like a millionaire'.

It's so easy to forget to practice gratitude in our every daily lives. To open Facebook in the mornings and feel pangs of jealousy at that distant acquaintance who's sailing around Croatia, or shopping in Paris, or climbing mountains in South America. Or to get on the train every day and join in with the masses staring at their mobile devices the entire journey without even thinking about just how incredible those contraptions are. Or to open the fridge and stare at the shelves of food, all the while yelling out to your boyfriend that there's simply nothing to eat.

I'm guilty of all of these scenarios. Hearing Tania's memories and the way she describes the richness of her childhood, despite living in circumstances I can't even begin to imagine, really struck a chord with me. I hope you get something out of it too.


  1. This is a really good presentation! Its so good to think about all the people out there that have less than us, to put things into perspective. We all get so caught up in our materialistic world, especially now with social media at our fingertips all day every day!

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wow I'm really glad you shared that! What a wonderful story, especially like the bit about the returning to the 'hotel'. Its good to remind yourself that we really do have it so good.


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