Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life of Late and Our New Toy

1. Happiness on sale at the local florist near work. 2. Watching The Matrix on our new beast. 3. Yum Cha at a farewell lunch this week. 3. Pretty blooms reminding me that winter in Sydney is not so bad.

Hello friends. It's been a bit quiet round these parts of late so I wanted to pop in and say hi. I really need to start taking more photos with my camera again and line up some more interesting posts. But for now, here's a few phone shots from recent times.

The most exciting thing to happen this week was Ben and I investing in a new fancy smart TV. Thank you tax man! It's a huge upgrade from our last one and to be honest I'm still not quite sure how to use it. Nonetheless we have enjoyed a quiet weekend at home with lots of movies, youtube dance parties (the TV plays youtube!) and back-to-back episodes of Friends (in high def!). We were planning to go out for dinner last night but our laziness got the better of us and we ended up staying home, ordering pizza and watching Jurassic Park. Just call us Nanna and Pop.

But don't worry yourselves too much, we did manage to leave the house for breakfast yesterday and a jog up to the shops this morning (for more supplies...i.e. tacos). I've also just finished a book so I feel like it's almost time for some more Friends on the big screen. It's just so shiny!


  1. I love your tv stand/sideboard thingy!

  2. I'm jealous if your new sexy tv, the fact you had time to jog and finish a book! x


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