Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wardrobe Cull

Every time I decide to give my wardrobe a cull I am always amazed at the amount of clothes I manage to get rid of. I do this every few months and yet there's always things I decided to keep last time but I end up not wearing them at all in the time gone by. Out they go! I can be pretty ruthless when it comes to getting organised and cleaning and I think that's the attitude you have to have when getting rid of clothes. 

So I now have four bags to take to the charity bin and I'm left with a nice tidy wardrobe (aside from those hideous wire coat hangers - gotta keep building up the wooden collection). I can now say that I genuinely like all of the clothes in my wardrobe and they are items I wear regularly. No doubt there will be some items to chuck out next time I do this, but for now I am content.

Up the top I have my skirts, jeans and shorts. Turns out I don't actually own a pair of normal blue jeans! But hey, I've got horse-print and polka dot jeans, what more could a girl need? In the middle are tops and a few jumpers. There's also another shelf below that with pyjamas and below that are my undie drawers. I'm embarrassed to admit I finally threw out three pairs of holey undies which for some reason I had been holding onto for months! All my dresses and jackets plus some button up shirts are in the hanging space to the left of the shelves and also in another section to the right. Poor Ben gets one row of hanging space underneath mine haha.

I also had a crate of clothes under my bed which I finally sorted through. I had no idea what was even in there so clearly I didn't need it. Most is now going to those who need it more but I rediscovered a few items such as gym shorts and a nice stripey top which I will get some wear out of now that they're not gathering dust under the bed. 

My mission is to buy some nice new basics and underwear, which I think I will aim to do in America. I am also clinging onto a pair of holey, bleach stained tights that I refuse to part with until I find a better option. They are just so darn comfortable!

When was the last time you did a wardrobe cull?

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  1. Ooh I have been meaning to do a huge wardrobe cull for ages - I donated/threw out a lot of stuff when I moved house last May, but really need to do it again as there's plenty there that I'm just not wearing. This may be the push I needed to get it done over the Easter weekend!


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