Friday, March 1, 2013

Old Melbourne Town

I spent three nights in lovely Melbourne this week for another work trip. I spent a lot of time around South Bank which isn't the most exciting area but I was pleased to score a pretty sweet view from the apartment I stayed in. I always love my trips to Melbourne. The city has such a different vibe to Sydney. I'm allowed to say that because I'm not originally from Sydney - if I was it would be blasphemy, or something.
As much as I do love Melbourne, can we just talk about the weather for a second? Over the four days I was there it went from scorchingly hot on day one to actual winter temperatures when I left last night. I've been caught out before, walking out of the airport into 11 degrees Celsius in just a skirt and blouse (in Summer, mind you) so I now know to always pack a pair of tights and a cardigan when I visit Melbourne. Somehow, I managed to forget my umbrella this time and of course it rained on two of the days I was there. Being stubborn (and strapped for cash) I chose to get soaked instead of purchasing yet another umbrella. I mean, not that Sydney is any better at the moment. That wet stuff just keeps on falling.

I'm not painting a very good picture of my time in Melbourne, am I? I actually had a lot of fun. Even though I was working, it was the fun kind of work. I was attending a big expo at the convention centre for the events industry. So basically, it's a massive event for people that run events, which means they've got a tough crowd to please! The first night started with a literal bang (fireworks on a Monday, holla) down at the South Wharf Promenade. They worked with a number of the restaurants and bars down there to put on a massive welcome party with fantastic food, drinks, live music and dancing! Quite impressed with myself for staying out dancing until 11pm, especially since I had been up since 5am!

Another highlight was an event the next morning which featured a live performance by James Morrison on the trumpet, followed by a bunch of motivational and somewhat famous speakers (including Layne Beachley, which I was quite stoked about!). Before I knew it (and before 10am) I was dancing to 'Shake Your Tail Feather' with The Voice winner Darren Percival. What a morning!

No trip to Melbourne is complete without a catch up with one of my good friends, Tia, which we did at Vegie Bar in Brunswick. I also took my horse-print jeans and boots out for a stroll to get some Lord of the Fries - vegetarian fast food like no other. Note to self - horse-print jeans attract unwanted attention from strangers.

Thanks for having me Melbourne, see you again soon!

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