Monday, March 18, 2013

Just a Minute in March

Reading...I just finished The Rosie Project and am actually not reading anything right now. I need a new book. Any suggestions?

Watching...The Walking Dead, New Girl and Girls are my weekly must-watch shows at the moment. I've also been watching bits and pieces of Smallville as Ben bought the box set.

Eating...We had a big Mexican feast for lunch on the weekend (above) but no surprises there as I've already confessed my undying love for Mexican multiple times. I was also taken out for Japanese in the city on Saturday and that was fantastic. Best Agadashi Tofu ever!

Listening to...I've been listening to a lot of Girl Talk on my way to work the past week. He definitely gets me in a good mood (as far as mornings go) and makes me feel like a gangster. Which I most definitely am not.

Loving...Little jars of fresh Baby's Breath on my kitchen ledge, cool Autumn mornings that turn into bright sunny days and late night fro-yo runs.

By the way, I'm selling some clothes on eBay at the moment in case you are interested!


  1. You should read A Thousand Splendid Suns, such a good book. A bit sad though but you will enjoy it!


    1. I have read that one actually. It was really moving! Maybe we should do a book swap soon :)

  2. I'm seriously drooling over the Mexican food! And the jars of Baby's Breath look beautiful :)

  3. Mexican food is fast becoming a favourite of mine too - such a good cuisine for vegetarians! The jars of flowers look gorgeous as well, it's amazing what a difference something as simple as that can make!


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