Saturday, March 9, 2013

The House

My mum and dad are visiting at the moment so I took half a day off work yesterday to spend some time with them. Since one of my goals for 2013 was to be a tourist in my own city, them being here was a great excuse to go out on adventure into the city.

We took a walk down to Circular Quay, marvelled at the massive cruise ship docked there at the moment and also watched another one depart. We spent quite a while on the steps of the Opera House watching the beginnings of a wedding that was happening on a boat. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the bride which is usually the most exciting part. Mum loves a good wedding and will take any chance to sticky beak. The poor thing is still waiting for me to get married - sorry mum!

It had been a while since I'd stood underneath the Opera House sails and I'd forgotten just how impressive they are. It really is such a magnificent structure.

We finished the evening with dinner at Darling Harbour. I often walk past the restaurants down there thinking they'll be too touristy or overpriced. We'd done a lot of walking so when we spotted this Italian place we decided to just stop there and rest our feet. It turned out to be an excellent meal and while it was a little expensive the food and service was fantastic. It was so nice to sit there as the sun set and watch all the people go by. I'm looking forward to being a tourist again soon and snapping some more photos to share here.

Have a wonderful weekend! xo


  1. thanks for share.

  2. really lovely photos, makes me want to be there <3


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