Monday, January 28, 2013

Waffle Time

My sister owns a super cute love heart shaped waffle maker so we decided to put it to good use this morning. We mixed up a basic waffle recipe (flour, butter, milk, eggs, sugar, bicarb soda and vanilla essence - sorry, I don't have the exact recipe but there are plenty on the interwebs) and topped them with fresh strawberries, blueberries, maple syrup and ice-cream. I always feel a bit naughty eating ice-cream at breakfast time but hey, YOLO, right?!

The long weekend is drawing to a close and the rain just keeps on coming down. It just took Ben and I three hours to drive up the freeway from Newcastle to Sydney - a trip that normally takes half the amount of time. The heavy rain and heavy traffic did not make for a pleasant journey. Still, I shouldn't complain as we are far better off than some people around our country at the moment. This extreme weather is a little bit frightening. I hope you all have a nice (and dry) week ahead. 


  1. Mm yum! Waffles with fresh berries sounds so good right now!


  2. Oh man I wish I owned a waffle iron! These look amazing x


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