Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quarter of a Century

Last weekend I turned a whopping big 25 years old. When I was younger, I always thought 25 sounded seriously old. I know in the scheme of things, I'm still pretty young, but it still felt kind of momentous. In high school I'm sure I thought I'd be married with children and earning a bucket load by this age. None of these things are true, but hey, I've managed to do some pretty cool things with my 25 years of existence (warning, bragging about to happen).

Getting my first job at age 14, graduating high school with good results, moving three hours from home at age 17, scoring and keeping my high school sweet heart for eight whole years (and many more to come), completing my Bachelor degree, living overseas for 5 months, now making (small) waves in Sydney at my first "real" job and so far going on 7 different overseas trips are just a few of the more recent achievements that make me think - hey, I'm doing alright for a 25 year old.

This year, I was fortunate enough that my birthday fell on a Sunday so I enjoyed extending the celebrations to the entire weekend and into the following week. On Saturday, my sugar-daddy (Ben) took me shopping for some new clothes. I scored the shirt I'm wearing above as well as two skater skirts and some colourful stud earrings to add to the collection. We also had burritos for lunch and stopped for afternoon tea at the T2 cafe - definitely two of my favourite things to do. That afternoon, my sister caught the train down to stay the night. We had dinner and drinks on our balcony and ended the evening by watching The Breakfast Club.

On the morning of my birthday I was spoilt with presents from Mum, Dad and my sister. Mum and Dad had given my sister my presents to bring with her as they weren't able to make it. I scored lots of really nice things for my apartment, a new magazine, the Frankie gift paper book, some rings, nail polish, smelly stuff, kitchen canisters and more. Super chuffed! We then met a few friends at a cafe nearby for brunch, spent the afternoon at the beach and that night we went to the movies. The birthday celebrations continued at work this week and I was once again spoilt with cupcakes and some Aesop skincare products and more earrings. Birthdays are the best and I am so happy that I got to spend mine with such great people. Here's to an adventurous year being a quarter of a century old!

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  1. Oooh happy birthday! Sounds like it was great :)
    I also have my quarter century this year, we're so ancient...


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