Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Funny People on Twitter

I am a huge Twitter fan. If it weren't for Twitter, I probably wouldn't have half a clue what's going on in the world. I use Twitter to stay up to date with news, follow along with current events (such as the US election and other important events such as reality TV show finales ;) ) and pretend I'm friends with famous people. You can follow me here, if you like.
I have Twitter running in Tweetdeck all day while I’m at work as I manage our company’s account. When I get home from work my boyfriend and I always debrief on the goings on of that day, whether it be the Kimye baby or something more serious. I feel a small sense of victory if I’ve managed to find out something before Ben thanks to Twitter (that boy is a wealth of random knowledge and he doesn’t event go on Twitter).

Anyway, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite people to follow on Twitter, especially those who are good for a laugh. I’ve also shared some of their Tweets which made me chuckle and earned a star in my Favourites list. I have a bit of a weird sense of humour so apologies if you don’t find these funny at all.

Rebel Wilson: Australian actress and comedian. Star of Pitch Perfect, among others.

“Here’s what I’ve done today: 1. Pancakes…. that’s it.”

Benjamin Law: Australian writer, author of The Family Law and Gaysia.

“Spotted: Asian gent in CBD with long, peroxide blonde hair, styled into Balinese braids. If I ever become this man, shoot me. OR WORSHIP ME.”

Brendan Maclean: Australian musician and Triple J radio presenter.

“One of my favourite walks is the ‘I’m trying on new shoes’ walk: An intriguing mix of constipation and stage fright.”

Mindy Kaling: US actress, comedian, television writer and producer. Author of Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? (And Other Concerns).


“Whatever, now I'm gonna eat Ethiopian food with college pals CUZ THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE WITH BACHELOR DEGREES DO.”

Marieke Hardy: Australian writer, author of You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead and Frankie magazine contributor.

“If you just saw a lady with a silver streak in her hair like Mr. Sheffield from the Nanny crying at the end of Wreck-It Ralph it wasn't me.”

Mel Buttle: Australian comedian.

“I’m having a hot stone massage. Finally someone’s found a way to combine my hatred of being touched with my love of sedimentary rocks.”

“’Melinda, get a job’. Don’t push me mother, or I’ll get a neck tattoo.”

Do you have any favourite Twitter accounts?


  1. I need to follow these people! Love twitter :D

  2. Okay, so Adam Liaw - masterchef season 2 winner and all round good guy (and also the object of my desire...?!) is my Twitter god...

    And Modern Seinfeld gives me such a giggle ...

    New blog! yay!

    1. Oh yeah, I love Adam too! Another one of my favourites :) I've heard about that Modern Seinfield account but actually haven't started following yet. Must do!


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