Monday, July 14, 2014

15 thoughts I had while taking a bath tonight

After a long and tiring Monday I decided there was no better way to clear my head than a nice warm soak in the tub. That was until my brain decided the peace and quiet provided the perfect opportunity for a million and one random thoughts to pass through. Here are just 15 of those:

1. Mmm this is nice. Nothing but me, the warm soapy water, the soothing scent of my candle and the dulcet sounds of Ben slaying dragons on his computer.
2. What should I take for lunch tomorrow?
3. I must not forget about the five Chobani yogurts I bought for $5 at Coles. What a bargain.
4. Rove McManus was an excellent choice for the new host of The Project. Carrie and Rove, back together at last.
5. I hope I don't slip and fall when I get out of here.
6. *Picturing myself falling out of the bath*
7. It's funny how the water rises when you hop in.
8. Can't wait to make a pizza after this.
9. I should write a blog post about this!
10. Remember when I used to blog every day?
11. I hope this cheap bubble bath doesn't make me itchy tonight.
12. How cool were those foam toys we used to stick on the walls in the bath when we were little?
13. I should have put some music on.
14. Time to get out before I turn into a prune. Also, pizza.
15. Must...not...fall.

This post was inspired by Bec from My Bloggable Day. You can read 30 thoughts she had during a run, 30 thoughts she had on a trip to Medicare and 30 thoughts she had while waiting for her coffee. Glad I'm not the only person susceptible to brain overload!


  1. yay, new blog post!
    my thoughts in the bath run more along the lines of:
    1. eww, the bathroom looks pretty dirty from this angle
    2. I should clean the bathroom
    3. or I could just close my eyes and pretend I'm reeeeally relaxed
    4. has anyone ever fallen asleep in their bath and drowned?

  2. Haha! I love this! I wish I had a bath in my house... although the bath really is a hot spot for brain overload. Yes to Chobani! That is a bargain. Thanks for linking back love xx


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