Monday, March 31, 2014


Goodness me, it's been three months since I last blogged. The year is flying by, as expected, and between work and wedding planning I haven't had the energy for much else!

I've taken a much needed day off work today and am enjoying it immensely. I took myself on a little shopping date, to buy new work shoes and pay off some money on our wedding rings. I also treated myself to a mani-pedi (and for some reason went with eggshell blue polish, but I'm digging it).

It's just over 6 months until the wedding, which means we're half way! How crazy. We're pretty organised, with all of the following locked in: venues, catering, my dress (being made by the wonderful Bell Street), bridesmaids dresses, bridesmaids shoes, flowers, makeup, hair (my sister), cake, styling (Styled by Linda), wedding bands (on lay by), stationary (Suely Lu), photographer (James Goff), wedding night accommodation and save the dates (were sent a month or so ago). Things we still need to organise: all the boys' clothes, wedding favours, cars/transportation, music, order of service/running sheet, speeches, my shoes (!), accessories (for me and the gals), honeymoon (!!), all the little decorations...and I think that's it! Getting there.
Ben and I are a bit restless at the moment. It's a combination of excitement for the wedding and also a bit of uncertainty in terms of what we want to do after that. It's also been about a year since our last holiday and work for both of us has been a little full on. I'm not feeling stressed about the wedding itself. Financially, it is challenging and with our landlord just putting our rent up we're feeling the sting even more. It feels like a bit of a first world problem to complain about this. We truly are lucky and this is a very exciting time for us. Overall, I'm really enjoying the planning, no matter how time consuming it is!

I was just trying to think of other news aside from wedding and work stuff.......there really is not much else! We had a close friend of mine stay with us for a few weeks, which was fun. I enjoyed having her around as we really haven't seen much of each other over the past few years. She's also one of my bridesmaids.
My older brother got engaged about a month ago (exciting times for the Lewis clan!) and we're all over the moon. His fiance is from India so they are heading over there for a big engagement celebration with her family in June. Mum, Dad and some of our other relatives are making the trip too. I really wish Ben and I could make it, but it's too hard at the moment. Looking forward to their wedding in Tamworth in about a year! We just had Sam (brother) and Asha (his fiance) stay with us this weekend, which was really lovely.

I went to Perth for work about a month ago - it was my first trip to Western Australia and I loved it. We also joined the gym and have been going fairly regularly.

Back to wedding stuff - my hens is in about a month! I'm having it early as two good friends are going overseas. My bridesmaids are organising it and I don't have a clue what we are doing which is kind of killing me but I trust them. All I know is that we're 'going to a destination'. Exciting!

Anyway, if I have any readers left I hope you're all well! Will try and post again soon xo

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