Tuesday, September 3, 2013


1. Lots of early morning visits to the city of late. Meetings galore!
2. Visited Newcastle again on the weekend and paid a visit to the antique shop down the road from my old place. So many temptations, but I walked away empty handed.
3. Coffee in the sun on the weekend. How cool is my sister's little coffee table? She covered it in the awesome Frida Kahlo fabric then lacquered it up.
4. Say hello to Benny the pup! My sister and her boyfriend recently adopted him from the animal rescue and I was super stoked to meet him this weekend! Such a friendly little dude.
5. A big shout out to my amazing Dad for Father's Day which was this past Sunday in Australia. Can't wait to see you next weekend! We're both rocking awesome hair styles there.

I hope everyone has been super well. Happy Spring to my pals Down Under!

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