Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I love you, long weekends

1. A beautiful sunset over the suburb where I used to live in Newcastle.
2. My sister treated me to some pancakes on Monday morning. Green juice expertly juiced by me.
3. We went for a drive to the headland and turned up just in time to spot some whales migrating. Very exciting!
4. A blog post wouldn't be a blog post without mentioning food. We made some veggie mince pies for a late Monday lunch. Pie-makers are the bomb.
5. Green juice for everyone!
6. I miss the seaside.
7. Think I found my dream house.
8. One thing I miss about Newcastle is the amount of awesome cafes and how accessible they are.

Just a few snapshots from my long weekend which I spent in Newcastle with my family (minus big bro). I got to catch up with a couple of close friends, finally saw Gatsby (LOVED it) and generally had a very nice relaxing time with my loved ones. Hope yours was equally as nice!

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  1. Looks like you had a nice long weekend :)
    I've just gotten on to trying green juice and I love it!

    xx Bo


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