Friday, June 14, 2013

Chicago Part One: Architectural River Cruise

The last stop on our American adventure was Chicago, Illinois. A few years ago when I was living in the States, I visited Chicago to spend Christmas with my Mum's cousin Denise who has been living there for nearly 15 years. It was Winter, of course, but you haven't experienced Winter until you've spent it in Chicago. I loved my first visit, despite the cold, but was pretty excited to visit the Windy City in Spring.

On our first afternoon we made the most of the clear weather and went on an architectural river cruise through the city. This had been highly recommended by a few friends as well as Denise. Chicago is such a beautiful city with so much history and the architecture is pretty amazing and so diverse. The tour we did was with Wendella Cruises and I would definitely recommend it. It went for about an hour and a half and the guide had lots of information and stories to share about pretty much every single building we went past. 

Now, I'll always stay true to my one and only love (New York), but I have to say, Chicago falls pretty high on my favourite U.S cities, so far. I honestly couldn't get over the rows and rows of tulips lining the streets downtown and the large amount of parks and greenery. Plus, the mid-west folk are so darn friendly!
Deep dish pizza was a must-do on all of our itineraries. Denise took us out to Giodarno's in Evanston, near where we were staying. It was certainly worth the food coma, let me tell you. We were a little bit ambitious and ended up with heaps left-over. Who would have thought 'serves two' actually means 'serves a large family'?

More from this lovely city coming soon.

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