Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Guest Post | Two DIY Projects by Bec of My Bloggable Day

Hello readers! Han is currently somewhere fabulous in the States and in her absence she has left me the keys to her blog. So naturally I'm going to rifle through the bathroom cabinets, eat all the good food and leave the ice trays empty. 

Let me introduce myself, I'm Bec from My Bloggable Day. I live in WA and work in media. Hannah and I first bonded over the interwebs through our mutual love for NYC. We have since bonded over other things and have plans to start an internet book club! (watch this space)

I thought I would leave you with some of my favourite DIY projects from recent times, let me know what you think! 

1. DIY Neon Rope Belt
This is the easiest DIY ever. All you need is rope (about double the length of your waist), a carabiner and a hot glue gun (all of which I got from Bunnings Warehouse).

1. First loop the middle of the rope around one end of the carabiner, leaving the ends free.
2. Then form the same loop with the loose ends, leaving enough rope to glue the ends together.
3. Glue the ends together. I also added a knot because the belt was a tiny bit long.

Voila! You’re done. Perfect for a spontaneous spot of rock climbing as well.

2. DIY Silver Rope and Coupling Necklace
The hardware store is a treasure trove for DIY jewellery. Just head to the plumbing section and you will find copper bits in all shapes and sizes. 

For this necklace I used:
  • Silver/Blue curtain cord (just over 1 metre) from a craft store
  • Copper Capillary Couplings (straight 15mm) from Bunnings Warehouse
  • Masking tape & a hot glue gun, also from Bunnings

A super cheap and easy DIY!

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