Sunday, June 10, 2012


I'm currently spending the long weekend in my home town, Tamworth, in rural NSW. It's so nice to be home with my Mum, Dad and big brother Sam (we're missing Sophie!). It's funny how much more I appreciate Tamworth now that I've been away for six years or so.

The weekend didn't start off too well. Friday was a very sad day as we said goodbye to our beautiful dog Oliver. Ollie was 13 years old and unfortunately suffered heart failure. He was such a precious pet and he loved us just as much as we loved him. He was the most gentle dog; I don't think we ever even heard him bark his whole life. It's amazing how much emptier the house feels without him around, trotting about to see where you are and popping his little head into the room to say hello. And yes, my blog is called nellie and oliver after our first dog Nellie and of course Oliver. I'm glad they can both be remembered this way and am sure they are having a good time reunited in puppy heaven.

Friday actually turned out to be quite an emotional, strange day as on Friday night at about 9.30pm we experienced two Earth Tremors as a result of a 4.2 magnitude Earthquake about 60km from Tamworth. It was really bizarre. We have never experienced anything like that up here. I was lying in bed watching Happy Endings on my laptop when I heard a rumbling noise. At first, I thought it was a low flying jet and actually wasn't going to bother getting up. I was quite sleepy. But then I realised that the walls and windows were actually shaking so I quickly jumped up. The first thing we did was open the front door and found all our neighbours doing the same thing and sure enough they had felt it too. The next thing I did was jump on Facebook and everyone in Tamworth was talking about it. Thankfully no damage was caused. It was truly a strange day.

The rest of the weekend has been spent keeping warm by the heater, drinking tea, eating lots of goodies that Mum has cooked and catching up with a few school friends last night at an engagement party. I am really enjoying the slower pace and rest this weekend is bringing. I hope wherever you are you are enjoying your weekend, especially those on the East Coast of Australia who get the extra long one like me.

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  1. so sorry about ollie han, its never easy losing a much loved pet xo


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