Saturday, June 23, 2012

Home Bodies

My boyfriend and I recently moved into our own (rented) apartment after years of living in share-houses. Don't get me wrong, sharing was great and we got to meet lots of different people and made great friends that way but I was definitely ready to have my own space and a place to put all my nice things. We now have our own two-bedroom apartment and while it's not perfect, I've loved being able to decorate and slowly make it my own. We were lucky to be given various bits and pieces and I like the fact that each different piece of furniture has its own story. Now if only we could hang pictures. Might have to butter-up the real estate agent and convince them to let us! Sorry about the grainy photos as they were all taken on my phone again.

1. My favourite chair ever. Was given to me by the owner of a vintage homewares/retro clothing shop I used to work at in Newcastle.
2. Our TV cabinet. Was also given to me, by my boss. It used to live at our office and he was going to throw it out. It was given to him by an ex-girlfriend so it has traveled a long to way and now happily lives in our lounge-room. It is a proper old serving 'buffet' and has a draw inside for cutlery. I love it so much!
3. One of Ben's contributions to our apartment is his beloved Naruto figurine.
4. Ben and I fight over who gets to sit in this arm-chair. It's part of our lounge suite which was given to Ben by his Grandpa. It is so comfortable and I love the arms of the chair as I can put things on there such as my coffee mug. It also gets the afternoon sun which is great!
5. My vintage Thermos set snapped up from the Vinnies near my office. Haven't used them yet but I think I need to start taking soup to work on these chilly winter days.
6. My teacup collection lives inside one of the cupboards in our TV cabinet. Hopefully one day I will have a nice open display cabinet so I can show them off more.
7. Bookshelf display number one including half of my Frankie collection. The other half is stacked up on the floor for now as I haven't found anywhere to put them. Need another bookshelf!
8. Bookshelf display number two featuring an old photo of Ben and I taken in Year 12 by one of my best friends. She was studying Photography at Tafe and this was one of her practice pics. She thinks it's funny that I still have it because it's not the best quality but I think it has a good story and I love how young and innocent we look. That teapot is a tea-for-one set - the head is the cup!
9. Our bedspread is quite girly. I'm thinking about getting something a bit more gender-neutral when I can afford it. I like these ones from Urban-Outfitters. My plush Miffy doll is there too :)
10. Our chest of drawers also given to Ben by his Grandpa. On top is giant teacup which I sometimes use for eating soup but for now it's holding various trinkets that I don't have anywhere else to put. Part of my book collection is kept safe on this....I don't know what to call it...portable book shelf? Anyway, one of Ben's old housemates left it behind when he moved out so I claimed it!

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  1. oh wow you and ben so young!! i remember when you two started seeing each other, such cuties xo


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