Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wedding Update

Well the whole 'now I have a laptop I can blog again' thing didn't really go as planned! I could try and come up with some kind of excuse or go on about being 'busy' but in reality, I probably could have spent less time stalking former Big Brother contestants on Instagram and Twitter and more time blogging.

Anyway! The wedding plans are coming together - we've locked in our date, venues and photographer and I'm currently looking into florists. We're getting married on 4/10/2014 which is actually a palindromic date (4102014...geddit?)! We actually didn't plan it that way but it's pretty cool. That's the long weekend and probably one of the most popular weekends to get married on, hence the need to plan things quickly!

We've chosen a beautiful old church in Hamilton (Newcastle) for our ceremony and will be married by the minister from our parents' church (both our parents go to church together). He's a good friend of both of our families and a really down to earth, funny and personable guy. The reception will be held at the Newcastle Museum in their awesome event space. It's a beautiful room with exposed bricks and lovely arched windows. Very industrial but also kind of rustic. Oh, and I've also booked our chairs which I'm probably more excited about than I should be. But they're awesome chairs!

I've been using Pinterest a lot which is a life saver. Seriously, how did people organise weddings before it existed? I kiiiind of have an idea of the type of dress I want, but I haven't tried any on yet so I will have to wait and see. My amazingly talented friend Linda will be our wedding stylist and we're already having heaps of fun sharing ideas.

But first, we've got our engagement party in a few weeks and I seriously cannot wait! It's going to be a blast.



  1. I LOVE IT ALL!!!! Have just stalked your venues. And your Pinterest. I can't believe how quickly you've pinned it all down, well done girlfriend! xx

  2. I am in awe of your pinterest! So exciting, looking forward to pics from the engagement party!

  3. My whole Instagram feed is Big Brother! It's a little sad, but that's what happens when you dedicate 3 months in front of the tv haha.

    Yay! Looking forward to your engagement party and going to Newcastle for the first time ever. Also can't wait to see what you & Linda have planned. You've done well with organising everything so quickly!


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