Saturday, December 8, 2012

Girly Saturday

Top: Cotton On, Skirt: Cotton On, Boots: Tony Bianco, Glasses: Emporio Armani, Bag: The Iconic (possibly an Alexander Wang knock-off)

Welcome to my first official outfit post. What an exciting day it is! Ben and I went out for breakfast this morning and I managed to convince him to take a few photos of me outside our apartment. I went for the element of surprise, sneakily grabbing my camera before we left and quickly turning to him to say 'Babe, can you just take a few photos of me here?' before he had time to think about what was going on. Sucker! I think I'll try this tactic more often.

Apart from whatever is going on with my hair, I think I did okay for my first outfit post. It all happened very quickly! This skirt/top combination is one I haven't tried before. The items themselves are nothing fancy - the top was a Christmas present last year and the skirt I scored from a work colleague who was trying to get rid of clothes a few months back. These boots have been serving me very well, though. They've just returned from the doctor's (ahem..boot repairer) because I somehow managed to lose the cap off the bottom of one heel without even realising. It wasn't until I was walking on some tiles that I noticed one shoe was making an odd hollow sound. Don't have any idea when or where I lost the cap, but I'm pleased to have my favourite booties back and in good nick again. 

Have a happy weekend, comrades!

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  1. Pretty outfit, it looks so summery!



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