Sunday, September 16, 2012

USA: Washington, Dallas, NYC

I'm back from my 5 week Great American Adventure and I had an amazing time. My trip started out in Washington DC where I was for work. It was my second time to DC but the first time I was there in the thick of winter so it was great to be there in summer. DC is a very pretty city and despite being there for meetings I squeezed in some sight-seeing and had a lot of good food!

Next stop was Dallas in Texas for a conference. I didn't see a lot of Dallas because the conference consumed most of my time. It was extremely hot and dry there and everything really is bigger in Texas. The conference itself was a lot of fun. Each night was a different party at a big and exciting venue which while exhausting was heaps of fun.

Upon leaving Dallas my official work duties ended and I was able to relax into holiday mode a little. First stop NYC! I was so beyond excited to get there that I stupidly booked myself on a 5am flight the day I left Dallas. Definitely a rookie error but that said it was amazing to have that extra time in my favourite city. I had 2 days by myself before my best friend Jess arrived. We spent our first week in the East Village in a really cool apartment. It was so exciting to be in NYC in the Summer as there is so much more happening than in winter (I spent 4 months there including the whole winter last time).

Jess and I had a ball eating our way around the city, shopping, doing all the touristy things, catching up with some of my friends there and visiting a number of rooftop bars. We also spent 4 nights out in a loft in Williamsburg which was awesome for a change of pace. While I kind of thrive in the busyness and crowds, Jess wasn't too keen on it and was relieved when we got out to Brooklyn where everything is a little slower.

I'll do another post soon with my photos from the West Coast! Stay tuned.

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