Saturday, July 28, 2012

Birthday Boy

Tonight Ben and I went out to celebrate his birthday a little early. It's not until the 8th of August but as I will be overseas at the time we wanted to do something nice before I leave (next weekend!). He turns 25 - quarter of a century! I have already given him part of his present which was actually a computer screen. Haha. He has just built himself a new computer and the new screen was something he really wanted. I'd like to get him something else small and hide it somewhere so he can open it on his actual birthday when I'm not here. Anyway, tonight we went to Burger Fuel in Newtown which was completely satisfying as always.

Oh and I finally bit the bullet and bought my new camera! I got a Canon 600D which is all I need at the moment and I am really happy with it so far.

After dinner we went to one of my favourite spots in Sydney, Macmahon's Point, to play around with my camera. Obviously I am still learning but we didn't do too badly considering I don't have a tripod.

Ben has really taken to my camera (he loves technology in general) so hopefully I might be able to convince him to take some outfit photos for me this week!

Much love and enjoy your weekend.

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